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Dus wie weet tot snel! Hey all, ya know that Pink Moon we had? I then removed the Quartz and added a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil and some more dried flowers picture 2. The last pic I left totally unedited so you can see what the final product looks like! This super full moon will be closest to earth this year making its effects even more powerful.

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The moon asks to let go of judgement of yourself and others which only leads to stagnation and bumps on the road. Sometimes I like to add a few drops into a sacred ritual bath. The water comes from the Red Spring in Glastonbury and it holds lots of healing and magic to it. The grid is laying in a bed of lavender and rose buds and it contains of double terminated lemurian quartz points, amethyst, ametrine, rose quartz and rainbow moonstone. Perfecta para trabajos de prosperidad, nuevos proyectos, y para el dinero.

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Puedes comprar una botella cerrada de agua potable si lo que deseas es beberla. Sebastian, Florida. Thank you everyone for playing!

An episode of Kicking It With Quartz!

Im so honored at all the amazingly kind words! Cant wait to show you the others She was so magical to create, i loved every second!! She features enchanting iridescent pastel whimsical glazes, beautiful purple baby roses, 22k gold crystals, her texturized bottom give me all the feels. Use her for your magical needs, store your moon water, put your watery pathos plant babies in her whatevaaaaa you choose!

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Im truly greatful for this amazing little tribe we have all created. You beautiful souls are the best! Collect water from thunderstorms, or a natural stream, or a waterfall. Even the tiniest waterfalls pace has eroded its banks over time. Charge these waters under the full moon, under the sabbat skies or during eclipses to create powerful waters. You can then use these waters in rituals, in tea, in sprays, spells or in baths!

What are your favorite colors? I love making new friends - witch witchy witchcraft grimoire bos witchspell spell witchymeme witchmeme witchmemes witchymemes meme memes witchblr tumblr tumblrtextpost textpost pagan paganism wicca wiccan candle ritual crystal crystals fullmoon newmoon moon moonwater witchadvice.

Hashtag Popularity. As the Moon rules our emot. As the Moon rules our emotiona. Can we say seasonal depression? You have a MAJOR opportunity coming that has dealings with a form of communications so you need to be in tip top shape. For the full video reading and your other placements, click the link in my bio ————. Not working in my favor! Wedding flow, natural glow. Congrats to the brides! Thank you for helping me understand the stars on the deepest level.

Don't have to worry about putting it on later. Guess who? Can you guess whose compatibility this is? Haha Virgo rising with Pluto opposite Pisces sun I feel this so much. Just got to dig deeper to find out the specifics. Both signs pick up every little thing. What you saying my Virgo and Pisces you feeling this?

That intuition on point. Pisces your October reading is now uploaded to my YouTube channel. To view : www. Is your rising sign correct?!

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Pisces rising. In a dream deep in the ocean where souls are lost. Two fish connected swimming in opposite directions, is the world real? Connect, disconnect. Rise or fall?

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Incense of the Day. When in convergence with the moon, the power of Pisces is known for producing intense psychic phenomena and sensitivity. We can harness this energy and use it to activate, cleanse, and restore our psychic abilities. To perform this spell, all you need is a bowl of water and moonlight. Place the bowl of water under the moonlight and allow it to charge for no less than ninety minutes. Draw a pentacle of white fire over the bowl and say: "I call upon the power of the Pisces moon and summon it into this water.

May it cleanse and restore what has been dulled.


May it empower what is weak, and may it awaken the psychic fires within! We can harness this energy and use it to activate, Spellcasters of all levels can enhance their daily life with these easy bewitchments, recipes, rituals, and Spells by Category. Spells by Color.

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moonwater tarot libra june 2018

More Spells:. A Vow of Silence by Raven Digitalis. Color of the day: Yellow Incense of the day: Marigold Silence is profound. Too often, we are immersed in conversation and verbal interaction, rarely having time to settle down, become quiet, and