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In Teddy's case this is Mercury, which means that he has the most common indicator or the "norm," and that he can do anything at all which involves the impersonal moving or communicating of things in general. The next most important indication is given by the tenth house, which in Roosevelt's case emphasizes the creative sign Scorpio. Since the lord of the tenth, or Mars, is in the first house, his business or professional affairs are entirely in his own hands. The absence of any planets in the tenth house shows that there is no complication here.

A third necessary consideration is the place of the moon, representing the native's touch with the public, and since the lesser light is in Roosevelt's house of opportunity, his great professional freedom for shaping his own career has a further testimony. Most revealing of all is the "dynamic focus of personality. A man in Oakland heard me explain this, and said: "I don't believe it. I am going to test you.

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I like people to have their own ideas and stick to them; who change them only after careful thought and study. When I saw the man later he reported, "I checked that theory of yours in fifty charts of people well known to me, and it worked every time! In Roosevelt's chart this is the square between Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune came into man's experience with the social revolution of , since it was discovered in , and this means that Roosevelt's most successful concern would be with those elements in sympathy which in a sense are new, beginning with the new industrial philosophy or psychology.

In America the struggle was dramatized by William Jennings Bryan but Roosevelt actually gave voice to the great American transition, and with his "big stick" was the real champion of the new political ethics. The fact that the aspect here is a square rather than an opposition indicates a success based upon practical rather than theoretical conditions.

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Because Jupiter is the other planet concerned, Roosevelt's career was an expression of his own stirrings of soul. We go from the mental condition to the emotional life and marriage, or to the moon, and the planet or planets that indicate marriage, respectively.

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The moon is brought down this far in the consideration because it is important to interpret the moon with a great deal of color. Our emotions are intimate and specific. You may say: "I love humanity," but nobody can be a servant of all the world unless he is in love with what he himself is doing. Roosevelt's moon is in the sign of growth Cancer and in the house of opportunity seventh in a degree of determination.

The symbol Cancer 13 reads: "A hand held out receptively is remarkable for the suggestion in its prominent thumb. The thumb is what gets in the way of things, and it makes us all think of the "hitch-hikers. In a man's chart the moon is the marriage significator, and marriage is indicated by the planets to which the moon applies before it leaves the sign in which it is found at birth.

Roosevelt, the mother of Alice. Alice seems to have fulfilled many of her father's great desires for outstanding initiative. The next application is to Neptune, which usually represents a career rather than a woman, and suggesting that the second marriage was entirely subordinated to the career as everything. Karma is what you carry around with you as an excuse for being. Good karma places nothing in your way, and bad karma makes you work, therefore, bad karma is good, if it makes you put forth effort. Jupiter is the planet of karma, the planet of your soul or your conscious conception of your inner self.

In this chart we find Jupiter expansion in the house of adjustment sixth in the sign of vivification or giving life to something Gemini , on a degree of assembly. The symbol Gemini 22 reads: "An old- fashioned 'harvest home' festival is at its height, with flashing dancing couples crowding the dance floor. It is realization of the warmth of labor and of simple living. We must not despise a man because he is symbolized by conviviality. It has been pointed out that Jesus never refused an invitation to a party.

The Biography of Marc Edmund Jones

Teddy liked parties in this sense. The idea of harvest, or "bringing in the sheaves," is giving life to ideas, and carrying them out to benefit others, rather than merely doing something for self. The point of forward opportunity is shown by the South Node of the moon the Dragon's Tail. Usually the most unsuccessful people are the ones who are successful; that is, one man is just successful enough to keep ahead of this creditors, to pay his taxes and to muddle along somehow, while on the other hand a man owning a drug store, and then losing it, starts over again because he fails.

His friends help him, and he goes about it more intelligently; he profits by previous experience, he gets into something he can do well, and he succeeds. People who make a large success in life are usually those who have climbed up after one or perhaps many failures. The South Node says to you: "Do you really want this and are you really willing to pay the price for it?

The symbol Virgo 6 reads: "Children's voices and the smiles of elders; it is a merry-go-round, with blatant music and unrestrained joyousness. Theodore Roosevelt assimilated everything because he had the vital gift for throwing himself whole- heartedly into all his activities. Here is an example of the "Jack-of-all-trades" who is successful because he is willing and able to work a little harder at each of the trades.

His chart is the splash type -- the planets are scattered pretty well all over the map -- but he made an amazing success of his life through his boundless energy and great determination. The next department of two points is the health and the physical being. Saturn is the planet of health because it is the point of sensitiveness. Here it is in the sign of the sun or assurance Leo , in the house of opportunity seventh on a degree of reflection. The symbol Leo 12 reads: "A garden party, with lanterns, music from a string ensemble and an animated interweaving of colorful figures,"9 showing the easy intercourse of human souls when they are content to relax between moments of greater effort.

One great secret of Teddy's success was his sensitiveness to opportunities in every direction. The sun is hyleg in this chart, and despite a bad start, when he became interested he had no trouble developing the sound kind of body he wanted.

Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones | | Booktopia

Neptune is the planet of physical being, or general obligation to life. It is here in the house of resources second in the sign of poetical appreciation Pisces , on a degree of phenomena Pisces 23 , symbolized by a spiritist medium. This man, again, was keenly aware of the inner import of whatever went on around and about him. The inexorable movement of the clock tonight makes it necessary for me to get briefer and briefer, but the general idea of the fifteen-point reading ought to be clear and it ought to be sufficient to give just a sketchy interpretation of the three remaining points.

Venus is money, or how you finish things, and how you know when you are finished.

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Money is one symbol of that end or finishing. Esthetic things and art, and values are another aspect of the finished side of life. Here Venus is in the sign of administration Sagittarius , in the house of hopes and wishes eleventh , on a degree of discretion. The symbol Sagittarius 18 reads: "Little children are playing upon the sultry beach, but each is protected from the glare by a tiny sunbonnet.

Teddy's end idea was always a better administration and vision of life as it leads to a finer self-realization. This was at the root of his conscious social doctrine. Uranus is the planet of recreation and of independence. It is in the house of self-expression fifth in the sign of vivification Gemini , on a degree of import. The symbolical degree Gemini 3 reads: "An etching of rare beauty displays a charming vista of court life at the garden of the Tuileries, under Louis XIV.

Teddy continually recreated himself, and he did it independently.

Here we have the unquenchable urge to "absolute self- perfection," as the great self-renewing dynamic in a great career. Pluto shows the basic philosophy of life. Here the planet is in the sign of physical energy Taurus , in the house of the home and end of life fourth , on a degree Taurus 7 of "awakening. He had to "overcome" his own over-enthusiasm, and his great temptation to scatter his energy all over the place.

Because Pluto rests securely in the monumental fourth house, and in the sensitive, fixed and earthy sign Taurus, he had to develop a stability in spite of himself. And thus Pluto is exceptionally significant. Since this planet was not discovered until ten years after his death, it cannot fairly be said to have had much influence in his own life and career. To himself, at the end, he remained scattered. He died almost as much a disappointed and disillusioned man as did his principal opponent, Woodrow Wilson, after him.

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The others I read were too frivolous, inane and unprofessional. I reordered the erudite Dr. Jones book, and the more I studied the vignettes, the less illogical and non sequitor it was. You have to continue to study and assimilate the material. Accurate and very professional. Give it to your astrology buff friends. He founded the special-studies group known as the Sabian Assembly in , still in existence in the twenty-first century.

He was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in , and later received the PhD degree from Columbia University. He taught and lectured across the USA for many years. His most voluminous written work is the set of Sabian lessons on philosophy, the Bible, astrology and cabalistic pattern, at which he labored for decades.

Jones died on March 5,